The Argo Funds


The Argo Fund Limited (“TAF”) is a diversified global emerging markets debt and macro fund seeking absolute returns through active long and short investment in liquid sovereign and corporate credit, distressed credit and FX across the EM universe while also implementing a macro overlay strategy to minimise volatility. 

Originally launched in 2000, The Argo Fund was relaunched in 2016 with a revised investment mandate prohibiting investment in Level 3 category assets. It is a Cayman-domiciled fund with monthly liquidity.  TAF aims to achieve its investment objective of 8%-10% returns per annum, with a target volatility of less than 5% by:

  • Bottom up fundamental analysis combined with a top down macro outlook.
  • Capturing alpha through long and short investments in both local and hard currency debt markets.
  • Adopting quantitative models to monitor and screen over 40 EM nations and more than 300 EM corporates.
  • Utilising a mobile net exposure typically ranging from -50% to +150%.
  • Maintaining a stable investment team comprised of 4 portfolio managers and 3 research analysts.
  • Emphasising portfolio diversification through continuous risk management.

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